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President Message


Dear Friends,

We all know how complex it is to treat a patient with brain or spine tumor. We have several considerations to make from the clinical diagnosis and imaging from the first consultation to the last return.


All treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach with neuro-oncology experts, including neuro-radiologists, neorologists, neurosurgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and support team.

We constantly deal with the use of new techniques, noting that advances in imaging, surgical techniques, molecular and genomics application, new medications and drugs combinations, targeted therapies, imunotherapy and applied modern therapy.

Latin-America it is multidisciplinary with promising and developing countries, we have skilled professionals willing to update the best and most advanced cares related to the Central Nervous System Tumors and all pathologies that it covers. In order to support this group of professionals and development of this specialty in Latin-America, SNOLA was created with many missions, including:

  • To be a multidisciplinary society dedicated to promote neuro-oncology advances through research and education in Latin-America;

  • Provide tools to keep our members updated and renewed in the knowledge about CNS tumors and technical advances, always aiming to improve our patients outcome and quality of life.
    We are proud to give to our associated members access to the Neuro-Oncology Magazine access, the efforts of our administrative council in Latin-America in all Neuro-Oncology related areas, the promotion of the SNOLA biannual meeting, satellite courses, tumor boards, academic activities and Fellowship and Observership programas in Brazil and partner centers through out the world;


  • Integrate all Neuro-Oncology related specialties and societies;

  • Cooperate to all multicentrics groups that study CNS tumors;

  • Become the active voice in Latin-America trying to improve the assistance and care of Neuro-Oncology patients;

  • Colaborate to all SNO, EANO, Asno activities and represent Latin-America at the Mundial Neuro-Oncology Federation.

This is a very important project, essential to all professionals working, in some way, on CNS tumors. I'm sure that all this effort involving the creation of SNOLA will be rewarded with better assistance and cares to our patients.


This mission require the participation of everyone, learning with the mistakes, growing each day, becoming SNOLA useful to move foward as a strong Neuro-Oncology community.


Marcus V. C. Maldaun

Founding President of SNOLA

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