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SNOLA Consortium

What is the SNOLA Consortium?

Initiative proposed by SNOLA to develop and leverage clinical trials in neuro-oncology in Brazil, bringing Latin America to the elite group of countries that produce research, tests and develop new techniques in neuro-oncology.

SNOLA has a wide network of specialists who already participate in similar projects in reference institutions, including outside Brazil, and are prepared to bring new clinical trials in order to benefit the most from this specialty.


The project aims to leave a solid legacy of knowledge, both to partner institutions and to physicians, by proving the effectiveness of medical practices in the field, as well as by adopting new effective procedures in the treatment of head/neck tumors.


  • To promote questioning, understanding and advancement in the conducts and standards for the   treatment of patients with cancer that affect the nervous system;

  • To kick-start clinical research practice  in Brazil and LATAM at  neuro-oncology;

  • Develop a culture of integration between doctors, scientists and industry in the field of neuro-oncology, leading Brazil to the elite group in the specialty.

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