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About the Society

The Society for Neuroncology Latin America (SNOLA) it is a non-profit, multidisciplinary, performing organization and participant in initiatives related to research, discussion and events that embrace the Neuro-Oncology.

For assuming the education, academic and profissional integration commitment, our goal is to update the various medical specialties in neuro-oncology related areas aiming at their development in our continent, promoting the excellence of the professionals and the treatment of our patients.

Our Mission


Integrate the specialties and societies related to the Neuro-Oncology;
To be a multidisciplinary society dedicated to promote Neuro-Oncology advances through the research and education in Latin America.


Provide tools for greater understanding of CNS tumors;
SNOLA CONSORTIUM (research project); Grant access to Neuro-Oncology Magazine, lectures, video lessons; Promote congresses and scientific meetings.


Placing the LATAM's Neuro-Oncology at the forefront of treatments;
Increase oncological outcomes in patients with CNS tumors;
Bring quality and pioneering spirit to partner institutions, doctors and patients.

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